Shin Tai Ho & Co. (Pte) Ltd (Singapore) offers a range of services including but not limited to the supply of provisions, duty-free spirits, liquor, wines and tobacco, ships stores and spares, hotel amenities and consumables to cruise, commercial, naval and offshore support vessels and caterers.

We also handle container trans-shipment handling, temporary/long term storage of owners' and agents' spares, ship materials and food and beverage inventories, as well as agency services.

We can also handle the import and re-export of general groceries, dairies, poultry, duty-free products and ship stores for wholesale and/or institutional clients and caterers.

Hong Kong

Shin Tai Ho (HK) is a major Japanese food and beverage distributor in Hong Kong. We supply dry, chilled and frozen quality Japanese food and beverage. Our main customers are Supermarkets (Japanese and local), Restaurants (Japanese, International and Local), Hotels and other institutions.


Shin Tai Ho (USA) is a sourcing and service office strategically located in the heart of America where most of the US food products are produced. Establishing direct relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers creates economic efficiencies and helps to ensure that we are sourcing and delivering only the highest quality products to meet our customers' requirements.

In addition, the US office employs customer service representatives near the port cities to interact personally with Cruise Operators and their purchasing divisions to ensure that we are maintaining the highest service possible throughout our ship chandling system.


Shin Tai Ho (Middle East) is a Ship supplier of provisions, duty-free liquors and cigarettes, technical stores & spares, hotel amenities and consumables to cruise, commercial and naval vessels in all ports and achorages of U.A.E. on a 24 hour basis.

We also arrange for shipments and supply services to Muscat, Salallah (Oman); Moombasa (Kenya); Mahe (Seychelles); Port Louise (Mauritius); Mumbai, Cochin (India); Male (Maldives) and Colombo(Sri Lanka).

Other services include arranging offshore supply boat and fresh water supply, CTM (Cash to the Master), Transshipment of spare parts and owners' materials and Crew change and Temporary/long term storage of spares, ship materials.